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The theory of regulation in times of crises, Paris, June 10-12, 2015

To register…

>> To register for the colloquium, click here: AZUR Colloque CNRS site.
Warning: if you do not know this website (not intuitive enough), we recommend that you read (or download) the advice below to help you in the registration process :

> Authors and contributors to the colloquium: after paying for your registration, you are invited to send your complete text, which will then show on the program of the colloquium. To send your file electronically, click here

Partners : LADYSS (CNRS/Paris-Diderot University) / INALCO /
supported by : MSH Paris-Nord / Région Ile-de-France / Institut CDC pour la recherche


Description of the steps to follow for the registration procedure
via the website AZUR-colloques CNRS

Note that your registration will only be recorded after payment. The procedure set by the CNRS is completed in two steps :


1.       On the AZUR-colloques website, find our symposium «R&R Régulation. Colloque International Recherche & Régulation 2015. La théorie de la régulation à l’épreuve des crises ».
2.       Then click on « Se pré-inscrire » (« Preregister »).
3.       Complete the information required in the new window (consult help below if needed)
4.       When you have finished, click on « valider » (« submit »)

NB : at the end of this step, there is no automatic confirmation email. The email confirming your preregistration will be sent to you within 48 hours (email of « no-reply » type sent from the email address « ». ATTENTION: this type of email may sometimes appear in your spam folder, so please check it).

NB : if you return to the home page of AZUR-colloques and you click on « Validate your preregistration », an error message (« Your preregistration has not yet been validated by our administrators ») will appear or you will be blocked as this is actually step 2 (see below) : this option is possible only after you have received the confirmation email for step 1.


(NB : this is actually the finalisation of your registration)

1.       Follow the AZUR-colloques link which will be indicated to you in the confirmation email sent after step 1
2.       Check the rates offered and select any options that you wish to add: registration to our social event (11 June).
3.       You are offered two ways to pay (immediate or delayed) but immediate payment (with your personal or paying agency’s credit card) is highly recommended.

WARNING: your registration can only be completed by the person holding the codes for online payment.

In case of problems or inquiries, contact Faiza MOHAMED-SAID (LADYSS-CNRS)


Help to complete the registration forms
on the AZUR-colloques CNRS platform


  • « Statut » (offered status):
    • « chercheurs » = researchers and scholars with universities, schools and Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishments (CNRS, IRD, INSERM, FNRS, etc.).
    • « étudiant »= holder of a student card or postdoc contract.
    • « industriel » = employee in the private sector, eg. Tertiary, or company researcher, consultant, etc.
    • « Autre » = others, including research activity in public institutes outside universities (UN, OECD, EU, INSEE, OFCE, Ministers, central banks, etc.).
  • « chercheurs CNRS » = tick the box only if you belong to a French CNRS laboratory.

  • « Tarif »( choice of fee): choose at this stage one of the three types of fee :
    « déjà membre R&R »: available if you are already member and are up to date with the payment of your 2015 annual membership to Research & Regulation Association.
    « avec adhésion R&R »: by choosing this combo, you pay the 2015 membership to Research & Regulation Association (standard rate= 40 €, or student rate= 20 €) and you are offered the «déjà membre» fee.
    « sans adhésion R&R »: select this option if you do not wish to be member of the Research & Regulation Association.

(*) ”chercheur” rate = fee applicable for all status except for “étudiant”: scholar-researcher, researcher, enterprise, administration.
“étudiant” rate  = fee applicable to student card holders or postdoc contract, secondary level teachers, unemployed.

(**) optional: this choice will be given to you at stage 2 of your registration.

  • “Valider”=“Confirm”= clicking on “Valider” completes stage 1 and sends your demand for pre registration

NB: upon completion of that stage, there will be NO automated confirmation message. This confirmation email will be sent to you within 48 hours (“No-reply” type email, sent from the following address:  (WARNING: this type of mail will sometimes appear in your spam box, please do not forget to check it).

NB: If you immediately return to the AZUR-colloques homepage and click on “Valider votre pré-inscription” (Confirm pre registration), an error message will appear (“your pre registration has not been recorded by our administrator yet”) or you will be blocked as this is only relevant at stage 2 (see below): this option is available only upon reception of a confirmation email.


NB. If you have not received a confirmation email within 48h of your pre-registration, please contact Faiza MOHAMED-SAID :

  • « Montant à payer » (total fee):

-The amount to be paid varies upon the choice of rate you have selected during your pre registration.
-You may also pick other options: Registration for the social event on the evening of Thursday 11th June.

  • « Organisme payeur » (paying agency): you can enter a paying organisation different from your employing organisation.
  • « Mode de paiement » (payment method): two options are available:

“paiement immédiat »: immediate payment with a credit card (private or belonging to a paying organisation). NB: you will automatically receive the invoice later on. WARNING: your online registration can only be completed by someone holding the code to the card used for payment (whether it belongs to a person or an organisation.)

« paiement différé » : deferred payment using bank transfer or upon purchase order. By choosing this option, you will receive un « pré-bon de commande », with the required informations for the payment (payee, IBAN, etc.); with these, you can pay either by way of a bank transfer (conseillé) or by sending us a purchase order from  your paying agency. NB: it is only when we receive your bank transfer or your purchase order that your payment is testifyed  for you to be registered.

WARNING: your registration will only be processed upon receipt of your payment!

If any issue arises, please contact Faiza MOHAMED-SAID (LADYSS-CNRS)

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